Quick Order Btc Payment Guide

This is a step by step guide for paying for your order via www.bitcoin.com.au.

Using this guide first time customers can generally complete an order in under 10 minutes. This method requires the customer to pay via cash deposit at a selected newsagent/bank branch via their website.

1. Place an order with us

2. Note down the BTC amount and BTC wallet address provided at the checkout

3. Navigate to:


4. Select a deposit location (Newsagent or Bank)
5. Input the BTC amount under “Purchase Amount”.
(Make sure you enter the BTC amount and not the dollar value. We require the exact BTC amount to process your order. Entering the dollar amount here doesn’t take the exchange commission fees into account.)

6. Under “Your Details” enter your email and mobile number

7. Copy and paste the Bitcoin wallet address from the order page
8. Accept “terms and conditions” and place order

9. Complete the mobile phone verification and online identity verification (Takes 2 minutes and all you need is your drivers license details)

10. You will now receive an email from bitcoin.com.au with payment detail similar to the below example. Follow the instructions to pay for the order (Newsagent or Bank Deposit).

Once you have completed payment, we will receive payment and you will receive an order confirmation from us (Usually within a couple of hours).
And that’s it. We will have your order sent out promptly!
Disclaimer: We are not associated in anyway with www.bitcoin.com.au, this is simply a guide to assist our customers that are new to ordering via bitcoin. The exchange rates and commission structure bitcoin.com.au uses may not be the best available and we encourage customers to do their own research.